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From the Minucciola olive tree to the Oil: the production phases of the Arcangelo Oil

The Ogliarola and Minucciola cultivars represent 65% of the olive trees of the Sorrento Peninsula, where the Arcangelo oil stands out as one of the oils of greatest interest among the DOP products. Most of the olive groves located on the Sorrento Peninsula are located on bold terraces that slope down towards the sea. The […]

Oil digestibility: because the short chain remains the most reliable

The quality of olive oil is not only dependent on the importance of the cultivar, but also in the transformation, transport and milling phase in the oil mill, where the short chain of oil becomes indispensable for obtaining a high quality product. The harvesting phase is a crucial moment for the transformation of the olives […]

DOP extra virgin olive oil: discover the excellence of the Arcangelo

From the Minucciola cultivar comes one of the most precious olive oils of Campania, through the work of the Russo family that has lasted for three generations. The Arcangelo oil has preserved all the taste of the land of the Sorrento Peninsula. The Arcangelo extra virgin olive oil DOP comes from afar, reflected in its […]

Antioxidants, vitamins and essential fats: all the beneficial properties of EVO oil

The beneficial properties of Evo oil are universally recognized and constitute the main backbone of the Mediterranean diet, known worldwide for being healthy and balanced. EVO oil landed on the shores of the Mediterranean after being introduced by the Middle Eastern civilizations. It has been transported and marketed since the time of the Phoenicians and […]

The 5 simple and tasty recipes to make with the Arcangelo Peninsula EVO oil

Olive oil is the basis of the whole Mediterranean diet and its scrumptious dishes. But its value is enhanced in the preparation of simple dishes to prepare. Here are 5 recipes that enhance the Arcangelo of the Sorrento Peninsula with EVO oil. In the Mediterranean diet, oil is used in all its possibilities, as a […]

EVO oil in the Mediterranean tradition for beauty: uses and customs from ancient times to today

Extra virgin olive oil, also called EVO oil, has always been a precious ally for human well-being, not only in terms of food, but also in cosmetics. Since ancient times the benefits of EVO oil for health and beauty have been known and used with important cosmetic applications. Rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins, extra […]

Between Vico Equense and the Sorrento Peninsula: how E.V.O. oil is born L’Arcangelo

Immersed in what is considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, the Russo family olive groves produce five varieties of E.V.O oil of superior quality every year. E.V.O. oil l’Arcangelo is the result of the encounter between man and nature in one of the most enchanting scenarios in the gulf. Stretched out […]