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The Arcangelo DOP Sorrento peninsula: the perfect combination of cultivar and territory

The history of the olive tree in the Sorrento peninsula boasts a millennial tradition that is still preserved today in its native cultivars of the area: the Rotondella and the precious Minucciola. The Arcangelo DOP extra virgin olive oil is born from the Minucciola cultivar, which hangs its name in homage to the founder of […]

How to recognize the flavor of DOP extra virgin olive oil from the Sorrento peninsula

Recognized as a DOP product since 1998, the olive groves of the Sorrento peninsula can boast the excellent climatic conditions and the presence of a soil of volcanic origin that give the product an absolutely unique and recognizable flavor. The DOP extra virgin olive oil from the Sorrento peninsula rightfully occupies a place of absolute […]

Because the climate makes the difference in the collection and production of extra virgin olive oil

The production and harvesting process of extra virgin olive oil has been developing for centuries along the Mediterranean coasts, but even here there are some exceptional microclimatic differences. Like those of the Sorrento peninsula. The Mediterranean climate is the most suitable for the cultivation of olives and extra virgin olive oil, as it has an […]

Certification in extra virgin olive oil, because it is important

Certification in extra virgin olive oil appears increasingly important to provide the consumer with a fully traceable and therefore transparent product in terms of environmental and healthy impact. The future of the food sector is increasingly moving towards a biological horizon, the only one capable of guaranteeing the protection of health and correct production, economic […]

DOP extra virgin olive oil: meaning, origins and characteristics

The Protected Designation of Origin marked with the DOP mark is a mark attributed by the EU to those foods whose characteristics depend and are directly connected with the territory of origin. These also include the DOP extra virgin olive oil from the Sorrento peninsula. The DOP “Sorrentine Peninsula” trademark was recognized in 1998 at […]